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Tsinghua University 3D Printing Skills Competition(hosted by School of Materials Science and Engineering)

    Tsinghua University's first "Manheng Cup" 3D Printing Skills Competition was held by School of Materials Science and Engineering (MS&E) on October 21st, 2017. The competition lasted for 2 weeks and successful concluded on November 5th.

    80 undergraduate students participated in this competition from 15 schools and departments including Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Academy of Arts & Design, Xinya College, etc. After two weeks of preliminaries and finals, two competitors from Class 58, Grade 2015 of Academy of Arts & Design and Class 44, Grade 2014 of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Penghui Cheng and Chunsong Li won the first prize; three competitors from Class 44, Grade 2014 and Class 62, Grade 2016 of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Changhao Chen, Xiaoshi Guan and Linxin Zhai won the second prize; 5 and 21 other competitors shared the third and honorable prizes.

    Competitors were required to build modeling by their own in two days using professional graphics software, print out and post process their modeling products using 3D printer and mold tools. Judges evaluated their works in terms of functionality, artistic creativity, structure design, proficiency of manipulating 3D printer software and final presentation.

    This competition attracted 80 undergraduate students from 15 schools and departments. It aims to improve students' three-dimensional modeling and creative thinking abilities, stimulating students' enthusiasm for 3D printing industry, cultivating students' innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial consciousness.

    The competition was hosted by National Demonstration Center for Materials Science and Engineering Experimental Education, National Demonstration Center for Advanced Materials Experimental Education and supported by Student Association for Science and Technology of School of Materials Science and Engineering. Dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering Yuanhua Lin, Executive Vice Dean Daming Zhuang, Vice Dean Yang Shen and Zhengcao Li, Assistant Director of Laboratory and Equipment Division Yongheng Jiang, Manager of Manheng Company Jie Gao and more attended the opening, closing and awards ceremonies.

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