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Two Degree-Granting Disciplines of SMSE Passed On-Site Assessment

On May 25, in accordance with the regulation issued by Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, the Measures for Qualification Assessment of Academic Degree-Granting Disciplines by Ministry of Education and the Implementation Measures for Periodic Assessment of Tsinghua Academic Degree-Granting Disciplines by the University, School of Materials Science and Engineering organized an on-site assessment meeting of the two Degree-Granting Disciplines of Materials Science and Engineering & Materials Engineering. Both of the Degree-Granting Disciplines passed the on-site assessment successfully.

材料科学与工程学位授权点汇报 - 副本.jpg

Degree-Granting Discipline Presentation-Materials Science and Engineering
Photo by ZHANG Ling


材料工程学位授权点汇报 - 副本.jpg

Degree-Granting Discipline Presentation- Materials Engineering
Photo by ZHANG Ling

The Assessment panel was formed with five senior experts: Including Academician LIU Changsheng of East China University of Technology, Professor WU Junqiao of University of California, Berkeley, Professor WANG Qing of Pennsylvania State University, Professor ZHANG Yue of Beijing University of Science and Technology and Professor DENG Yuan of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Professor SHEN Yang, Deputy Dean of SMSE, hosted the meeting. Over 30 participants from SMSE attended the meeting, including school managers, related discipline managers and professor & student representatives.

师生座谈 - 副本.jpg

Communication Session of Assessment Panel and Professor & Student Representatives
Photo by ZHANG Ling

During the meeting, the assessment panel was presented with various aspects regarding the general introduction of these two Degree-Granting Disciplines, covering school building, undergraduate and postgraduate students’ Education, faculty building, scientific research, development planning, etc. Later, the panel communicated with SMSE staff, faculty and student representatives, regarding program and curriculum designs, students’ academic trainings, etc. At last, the two Degree-Granting Disciplines passed the assessment by all the panel members after thorough discussions.

专家组讨论 - 副本.jpg

Discussion by Panel Members
Photo by ZHANG Ling

合影 - 副本.jpg 
Group Photo of Panel Members and SMSE Participants
Photo by ZHANG Ling

The assessment panel also provided pertinent and valuable suggestions, including proposals for the university to increase the admission quota of doctoral candidates in materials science and engineering discipline, to increase supports for innovative talents, and to expand faculty team in Materials Engineering discipline, etc.

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