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School of Materials Science and Engineering 2018 Commencement

    To the graduates of 2018, memories of this time went far beyond the summer heat and cold beverages from Tsinghua canteens, instead, mood of graduation became the label for their summer of 2018. This summer also marks the beginning of the journey to their dreams.

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Professor SHEN Yang, Deputy Dean of SMSE, hosted the Commencement

    SMSE Commencement was held on July 5th, 2018 in the auditorium of the Main building, Tsinghua University. The commencement started officially at 9 am. More than 20 faculty members, including three academicians (Professor LI Longtu, Professor ZHU Jing and Professor ZHOU Ji) and SMSE alumni, Mr. SHI Xun, who graduated in 1995, joint graduates and family members in the Commencement for this important event.

    A video presented before the ceremony conveyed blessings from SMSE professors and schoolmates. The pieces in the video also brought up the memories of students’ life to the graduates.



Chorus of the National Anthem

    After the national anthem, SMSE party secretary, Professor YANG Zhigang introduced the overall graduation status of 2018 and announced the list of outstanding undergraduates & graduates and the winners of the QIHANG(sailing) awards.


Speech by Professor LIN Yuanhua, Dean of SMSE

    After that, Professor LIN Yuanhua, Dean of SMSE expressed heartfelt congratulations to the graduates. He first expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the graduates. He then summed up the major events of SMSE in the past year and expressed his expectations for the 2018 graduates. Professor LIN said the spirt of Tsinghua has already taken roots in the soul no matter how many years you spent in Tsinghua. He also expressed several expectations for the graduates: they can remember and stick to their dreams, endure loneliness and resist the temptations; they can persist in learning and consistently learn new knowledge, new ideas and new methods; they can set their visions in the future, and always carry national interests while achieving personal value. Professor LIN welcomes the graduates to visit SMSE often for SMSE and Tsinghua would always be the warm home for them. 


Speech by Academician ZHOU Ji

    Then, Academician ZHOU Ji made a speech representing SMSE faculty. He compared Tsinghua campus to Hemingway’s "a moveable feast.". “Fortitude and Persistence” is both the motto of the National Southwest Associated University in history and School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University. Academician ZHOU Ji mentioned that “fortitude” reveals in one’s integrity and “persistence” marks the courage and living attitude. He hopes that the graduates will take these two words as the motto of life, learn to think independently, always care for family and nation, and have a sense of mission. At last, He quoted famous scholar, Ms. YANG Jiang’s line: We have been yearning for the waves of fate, however in the end, we realize that the most beautiful scenery in life appears when you find peace and ease in the heart.; We have been chasing for the recognition from others, however in the end, we realize that the world belongs to ourselves and it has nothing to do with others. He hopes that the graduates stay true to themselves, roots in SMSE and remain “Fortitude and Persistence”.


Speech by Alumni Mr. SHI Xun

    Mr. SHI Xun, SMSE graduate of 1995, Tsinghua University who is currently working as a researcher in Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, shared his work experience and feelings after graduation as a senior. He summed up his 20 years after graduation as two main points: One, broadening study after graduation, not only in the professional field, but also from all aspects. Treat studying with positivity and learn the virtues from people around us.  The second point is to uphold Tsinghua’s pragmatic, rigorous and serious style, and exhibit the value of youth with an open and cooperative mind on a wider stage. SHI Xun hopes that everyone would remain healthy and achieve the goal of 50 years serving for the country with good health. At the same time, graduates should face the society with positivity, to understand, to adapt and to be a part of the society. “No matter where you go, always remember that you are Tsinghua graduates and you need to fight hard to be the best version of you,” he said.


Speech by Graduates Representative REN Guangkun

    2018 graduates’ representative, PhD graduate, REN Guangkun, shared his feelings in Tsinghua over the past few years, and showed high appreciation to the impressive faculty team of SMSE and great influences on society. He also talked about his career choices. Considering of national needs, he moved to Sichuan from Beijing to work at China Academy of Engineering Physics. He preferred to take challenges in order to better serving the people and realize personal value. Finally, he expressed his gratitude to SMSE faculty and expressed sincere wishes for better development of SMSE.


Excellent Graduates Awarding Session

    Professor ZHU Jing, Professor ZHOU Ji, Professor LIN Yuanhua, Professory YANG Zhigang, Professor KANG Feiyu and Mr. SHI Xun came to the stage to award Excellent Graduates recipients and QIHANG award recipients.


Street Dance Performed by Mr. CUI Shirong


Instrumental Music Performance

    After the awards, performances designed by the students brought the ceremony to a new level. Street dance performed by CUI Shirong filled with youthfulness and enthusiasm brought the heat and passion to everyone. The instrumental music performance by GAO Yunan, XUE Xiaotian, DONG Fanghan, LU Yirui, YUAN Zhiquan expressed best wishes to the graduates and brought everyone’s heart together at this parting moment.



Chorus of the Tsinghua University Anthem

    After Tsinghua University Anthem, the 2018 commencement of School of Materials Science and Engineering officially ended. Graduates and Faculty took group photos together.

    The commencement is not enough to carry all the blessings and expectations to the graduates from the faculty and Alumni. Hope the graduates of 2018 would take graduation as a new chapter in life and move forward with more confidence and joy.

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