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Curriculum for IMP-MSE Program

IMP-MSE Program Requirements

The 2021 IMP-MSE program is a full-time program of 2-3years that is taught entirely in English.

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Program Requirements: 29 credits 

Required Public Courses (5 credits)

Core Courses (6 credits)

Elective Courses (14 credits)

Required Sessions (4 credits)

Curriculum Design:

Public Courses:

-Chinese language-2 credits

-Understanding China-3 credits

Core Courses:

-Frontiers of Materials Science and Engineering-2 credits

-Materials Characterization-2 credits

-Advanced Materials Physics-2 credits

Elective Courses:

-Multi-Scale Modeling in Materials Science-2 credits

-Processing and Characterization of Ceramics-2 credits

-Mechanical Properties of Metallic Materials-2 credits

-Advanced Materials Processing Technology-2 credits

-Materials for Sustainable Development: Energy and Environment-2 credits

-Biomedical Materials-2 credits

-Radiation Effects in Materials-2 credits

Required Components:

-Literature Review and Topic Selection Report-1 credit

-Academic Discussion-1 credit

-Field Study-2 credits

Note:Students could select no more than 2 courses(maximum 6 credits) related to his/her research field outside of the program curriculum during the study here with the permission of his/her supervisor.

Study Plan

The IMP-MSE program lasts 2 years (could be extended to 3 years due to special circumstances).


Master Studies

First Year /1st -2nd   Semester

Course Study & Thesis Proposal,

Summer break

Field Trip

Second Year/ 3rd -4th   Semester

Thesis Writing,  Thesis Defense

Degree to be conferred: Master of Science


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