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International Exchange and Cooperation

Each year the SMSE hosts more than 200 visits from overseas guests, many of whom deliver academic talks and take part in seminars and workshops at Tsinghua University. Similarly, between 300 and 400 visits abroad are made by faculty and students each year to participate in international conferences and exchange programs, and to pursue research collaborations. Additionally each year the SMSE hosts academic exchange activities for more than 10 foreign students, who carry out research for periods of between a few weeks and several months. Our faculty members are also active internationally with regard to professional activities, with a total of more than 30 faculty members serving as international editorial board members, committee members, and members of advisory boards. Emphasis is also placed on international research collaboration. In recent years faculty members within the SMSE have participated in more than 30 collaborative research projects with top universities and companies from countries including the USA, Japan, France, Germany, Sweden, and the Republic of Korea.

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