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The School of Materials Science and Engineering offers graduate programs with high quality education and world-class materials research, to prepare students for professional careers in a wide range of industries, as well as in academia.

The graduate program provides education leading to a degree either of Master of Science, Master of Engineering, or Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science and Engineering, with an average yearly in take of about 120 MSc students and 60 PhD students. The program emphasizes multidisciplinary research in a variety of areas, including metals, ceramics, composites, polymers, biomaterials, and electronic materials. The objective is to allow young scientists and engineers to contribute to cutting-edge research, while at the same time providing abroad and deep understanding of materials science and engineering, thereby giving graduates the intellectual and practical tools necessary for their future research careers in either industry or academia. The program also offers a series of fundamental materials courses, as well as a doctoral forum and academic salon, allowing students to engage in both domestic and international academic conferences. A joint master’s program with the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and a joint doctoral project with Tohoku University provide further opportunities for students to broaden their research perspective and educational experience.

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