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The School of Materials Science and Engineering offers undergraduate with high quality education and world-class materials research, to prepare students for professional careers in a wide range of industries, as well as in academia.

The undergraduate program has a current student body of about 520. The teaching philosophy is to offer an education program giving students a solid background in mathematics, physics and chemistry, and to provide an understanding of the underlying principles of materials science, including the relationships between composition, structure, properties and processing. The teaching curriculum also emphasizes the learning of practical skills to identify and solve engineering design problems. The curriculum builds on core foundational courses as well as a variety of laboratory classes which offer hands-on laboratory experience with access to state of-the art equipment. Bilingual courses such as “Fundamentals of Materials science” and “Electron Microscope Analysis”, are also provided, as well as a series of practical training courses, including summer programs on microelectronics and machine-shop skills. Students also have the opportunity to carry out research with faculty members through the Student Research Training (SRT) program, and to participate in exchange programs with a range of overseas universities including those in France, Japan, Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


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