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KANG Jinwu

Research: Modeling and simulation of casting and heat treatment processes


School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University

Beijing, 100084

P. R. China

Tel: 8610-62784537(O)

Fax: 8610-62784537

Email:  kangjw@tsinghua.edu.cn

Education Background

1999, Ph. D, Tsinghua University, China (清华大学)

1995, M. S., Northeastern University, China (东北大学)

1992, B. S., Northeastern University, China (东北大学)

Work Resume

Feb.2013--present              School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University

Dec.,1998—Feb.2013        Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University.

May, 2001-Jan.,2003         Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, USA. Research Scientist

Awards And Honors

2012, the Second-class Award of Scientific and Technology Progress by Ministry of Education

2002, the Second-class Award of Scientific and Technology Progress by Beijing Municipal Government

1997, Top Award of Guanghua Scholarship, Tsinghua University

1991,Top Award of the First Challenge Cup of Scientific Research Competition of Undergraduates, Northeastern Institute of Science and Technology

Academic Achievements

Papers and Publications:

1. Liu, B.C.; Kang, J.W.; Huang, T.Y. ,Stress analysis and deformation prediction of a heavy hydraulic turbine blade casting during casting and heat treatment, Materials Science and Technology (United Kingdom), v 28, n 7, p 808-811, 2012

2. J.-W. Kang, H.-M. Long, T.-J. Wang, T.-Y. Huang and B.-C. Liu, Evaluation of distortion of castings, International Journal of Cast Metals Research 2011 VOL 24 NO3/4,228-232

3. Kang J.W., Zhang J.F., Liu B.C., Huang T.Y. Improved thermal stress analysis for castings. International Journal of Cast Metals Research, 2008, 21(1–4): 324-329.

4. Kang J.W., Huang T.Y. ,  Liu B.C. Review of production status of heavy steel castings and key technologies for their manufacture in china. China Foundry, 2008,5(1):1-6.

5. J. Kang, J. Zhang, B. Liu and T. Huang,Improved thermal stress analysis for castings,International Journal of Cast Metals Research, 2008, 21(1–3), 424-429

6. Xu Yan, Kang Jinwu,Huang Tianyou, Hu Yongyi,Thermal Stresses In A Cylinder Block Casting Due To Coupled Thermal And Mechanical Effects,Tsinghua Science And Technology, 2008,13(2),132-136 

7. Jinwu Kang,Yiming Rong, Modeling and simulation of load heating in heat treatment furnaces,Journal of Materials Processing Technology,174(1-3), 2006.05:109-114  

8. Kang J, Rong YK, Wang W., Numerical simulation of heat transfer in loaded heat treatment furnaces,JOURNAL DE PHYSIQUE IV 120: DEC 2004: 545-553

9. Liu Baicheng, Kang Jinwu,Zhao Haidong, Study On Macro And Micro Modeling On Solidification Process Of Shaped Casting,Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering,2002, Vol.15, No.3

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15. Kang JW, Chen Y, Xiong SM, et al.,Numerical Simulation of Thermal Stress and Deformation of Engine Block Iron Casting,Int J Cast Metal Res 11: (6) 501-506 1999

16. Kang JW, Liu BC, Xiong SM,Numerical simulation of thermal stress of shaped casting based on rheological model,J MATER SCI TECHNOL 15: (3) MAY 1999,267-270

17. Kang Jinwu, Xiong Shoumei, Liu Baicheng, Study on the Prediction of Shrinkage Cavity in Steel Casting By Multi-Hot-Spot and Simultaneous Shrinkage-Feeding Method, Foundry, 1999(8): 478-481( in Chinese)

Published Books

1. Xiong Shoumei, Xu Qingyan and Kang Jinwu. Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Castings during Solidification Process, Beijing: Chinese Machinary Industry Press, 2004(in Chinese)

2. Liu Baicheng, Jing Tao, Huang TY, Xiong SM, Li Wenzhen, Xu Qingyan and Kang Jinwu, The Application of Computer in the Casting Process, Beijing: Chinese Machinary Industry Press, 2001(in Chinese)


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