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LI Ming

Phone +86-10-62772618

Fax +86-10-62771160

E-mail: lim@tsinghua.edu.cn

Education Background

Ph.D. Jilin University, Changchun 1990

M.S. Jilin University, Changchun 1987

B.S. Jilin University, Changchun 1984

Work Resume

Post-doctor Tsinghua University, Beijing 1990-1992

Lecture Tsinghua University, Beijing 1992-1993

Associate Professor Tsinghua University, Beijing 1993-

Visiting scholar Hongkong Polytechnic University, Hongkong 1995-1996

Research Field

Functional polymer composites

·Polymer nano-composites

·Fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites

Academic Achievements

【selected publication】

1, Liu hui, LI Ming, JIN Kai-feng, DENG Hai-jin, Preparation of La0.67Ca0.33MnOx- thin film by method of sintering polymer precursor film, Piezoelectrics & Acoustooptics, Vol.24, No.6, 502-5-5 (2002)

2, Xu Lining, Deng Haijin, Cao Zanhua, Li Ming, Preparation of new conductive PMMA/GraphiteNano composite by in-situ polymerization, China Plastics Industry, Vol.29, No.6, 17-19 (2001)

3, Ce Wen nan and Ming Li, Calculation of giant magnetoelectric effects in ferroic composite of rare-earth –iron alloys and ferroelectric polymers, Phisical review B, Vol.63, 144415-1-9, (2001)

4, H.C Man, M.Li, T.M.Yue, Surface treatment of thermoplastic composites with excimer laser, International. J.Adhesion. & Adhisives., 18, 151-157 (1998)

5, H.C.Man, M.Li, T.M.Yue, Surface pretreatment of glass fiber-reinforced liquid crystalline polymer composites by excimer laser for adhesive bonding, J.Adhesion Sci. & Technol. Vol.11, No.2, 183-194 (1997)

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