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Education Background

Ph.D.    Northeastern University, Shenyang    1995 

M.S.    Northeastern University, Shenyang    1992

B.S.     Northeastern University, Shenyang    1989

Work Resume

Lecturer, associate professor, professor  Tsinghua University, Beijing  1997.12-

Visiting Scholar   Department of materials Science and Engineering, University of Califormia, Berkeley, USA  2001-2002

Postdoctor   Tsinghua University, Beijing    1996-1997

Research Field

Interactions of high physics fields with materials

High temperature superconductivity materials

Deformation and Recrystallization

Academic Achievements

【selected publication】

1. Zhang, XD; Liu, W; Sun, DL; et al. The transformation of carbides during austenization and its effect ion the wear resistance of high speed steel rolls, METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS A-PHYSICAL METALLURGY AND MATERIALS SCIENCE, 38A (3): 499-505 MAR 2007

2. Cao, Y; Liu, W; Sun, JL; et al. A technique for controlling the alignment of silver nanowires with an electric field,NANOTECHNOLOGY, 17 (9): 2378-2380 MAY 14 2006

3. Li, X; Liu, W; Godfrey, A; et al. Development of the Cube texture at low annealing temperatures in highly rolled pure nickel, ACTA MATERIALIA, 55:3153-3540, 2007

4. Liu, W; Lin, D; Godfrey, A; et al. Characterization of microtexture in Bi-2223 tapes using electron back-scatter pattern orientation imaging,SUPERCONDUCTOR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 18 (4): 566-571 APR 2005

5. Liu, W; Wu, TK; Godfrey, A; et al. Effects of electrical field treatment on recrystallization of copper single crystal, SCRIPTA MATERIALIA, 52 (6): 495-499 MAR 2005

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