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NAN Cewen


Dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University

Phone: 86-10-62773587

Fax: 86-10-62772507

E-mail: cwnan@tsinghua.edu.cn

Education Background

Ph.D  Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, 1992 (on-the-job)

M.S.  East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, 1985

B.S.  East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, 1982

Work Resume

Assistant Professor Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 1985-1988

Associate Professor Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 1988-1992

Professor Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 1992-1999

Professor Tsinghua University, Beijing 1999-now

Professinal experience abroad

Center for Micro-Engineered Ceramics, University of New Mexico, New Mexico, USA 1990/2-1991/4

Materials Dept, University of California at Santa Barbara, California, USA 1994/12-1995/12

University of Saarlandes, Saarbrucken, Germany 1996/6-1997/12

Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA 1999/1-1999/10

Research Field

1. Multiferroic Materials and Devices

Multiferroic materials, with coexistence of at least two orders (ferroelectric, ferromagnetic, or ferroelastic) have drawn ever increasing interest, motivated by potential applications in information storage, spintronics, and multiple-state memories. In multiferroic materials, the coupling interaction between the different order parameters could produce new effects, such as magnetoelectric effect.

Our group is one of the pioneers in multiferroic material field. Our work covered the theoretical simulation and calculations of the multiferroic composites, the fabrication and characterization of the single-phase multiferroics, the growth mechanism and properties of the heterostructures, and the fabrication and applications of the bulk magnetoelectric composites. We have published dozens of articles in academic journals, such as PRL, APL, PRB, and held several Chinese patents.

2. Organic-inorganic Functional Composites

By embedding the inorganic (nano) particles into the polymer matrix, as well as controlling the particle distribution and particle-polymer interface, the electric, magnetic and optical properties of polymer can be greatly enhanced. The related researches in our group are mainly focused on two aspects: (1) Using the percolative effect induced by conductive powders in the polymer matrix to get the novel high-performance polymer-based composites; (2) By designing the microstrures to acquire the polymer-based composites with both of capacitive and inductive properties

3. Solid State Electrolytes and Electrodes for Lithium Batteries

Lithium ion solid state electrolytes have large potential applications in the portable sets and power system. Our group has been engaging in the polymer-based nano composite solid state electrolytes and inorganic solid state electrolyte. With the idea of enhancing the conductivity of lithium ions, we mainly focus on the optimization of materials and the interface effects in multiphase composite

4. Transition Metal Oxides

Transition metal oxides have abundant functions, and our group's researches are mainly focused on the following two aspects: (1) Thermoelectric (TE) materials: enhance ZT values of cobalt-based TE materials by controlling the microstructures of materials (e.g., metal doping and novel sintering processes of ceramics ); (2) Giant dielectric materials: grain boundary layer structures are formed in NiO-based ceramics via doping, and thus a new type of giant dielectric materials that are non-ferroelectric, non-perovskite and lead-free, can be obtained.

5. Calculations of Microstructure-Property Linkages

Awards And Honors

2nd Class Prize of the National Natural Science Awards 2005

1st Class Prize of Science and Technology of Beijing 2002

the Citation Classic Award of ISI-Thomson Scientific 2000

the Edward C. Henry Award of Electronics Division of the American Ceramic Society 1999

the Outstanding Young Investigator of NSFC 1998

Science and Technology Award for Young Scientists of China 1992

Academic Achievements

[Selected publications]

1. J. Ma, J. M. Hu, Z. Li, C. W. Nan, Recent progress in multiferroic magnetoelectric composites: from bulk to thin films. Advanced Materials, 23(9), 1062-1087 (2011).

2. J. M. Hu, Z. Li, J. Wang, J. Ma, Y. H. Lin, C. W. Nan, A simple bilayered magnetoelectric random access memory cell based on electric-field controllable domain structure, Journal of Applied Physics, 108(4), 043909 (2010).

3. C. W. Nan, Y. Shen, J. Ma, Physical properties of composites near percolation, Annual Review of Materials Reserach, 40(40): 131-151 (2010).

4. C. W. Nan, M. I. Bichurin, S. X. Dong, D. Viehland, G. Srinivasan, Multiferroic magnetoelectric composites: Historical perspective, status, and future directions, (Applied Physics Review), Journal of Applied Physics, 103(3), 031101 (2008).

5. J. Ma, Z. Shi, C. W. Nan, Magnetoelectric properties of composites of single Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 rods and Terfenol-D/epoxy with a single-period of 1-3-type structure, Advanced Materials, 19(18), 2571-2573 (2007).

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