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I am interested in the theory of applied magnetism, i.e., micromagnetics of magnetic materials, especially for those recording materials used in computer hard disk drive industry.

Education Background

Ph.D.  University of California at San Diego, Physics, 1993
B.S.   Peking University, Physics, 1984

Work Resume

Professor, Tsinghua University, DMSE/School of Materials Science and Engineering, 2000.8-now
Associate professor, Tsinghua University, DMSE, 1996.11-2000.7
Visiting Researcher, National University of Singapore, DSI, 1996.5-10
Postdoc Researcher, University of California at San Diego, CMRR, 1993-1996.3

Part-time Academic Job

2015-, IEEE Magnetic Society, Membership Committee, deputy chair, chair
2015-, IEEE Magnetic Society, Education Committee, member
2012-, IEEE Magnetic Society, Technical Committee, member
2014- Chinese Materials Research Society, senior Member
2007- IEICE, Oversea Member
2003- IEEE, Senior Member
2002- Chinese Institute of Electronics, Senior Member

Research Field

1. Develop accurate micromagnetics to analyze domains and loops of magnetic materials
2. Simulation of magnetic devices such as heads, MFM tips in magnetic recording industry
3. Design of hard disk drives by simulation of read/write process of 0-1 data in disk media.

Research Situation

My research interest is the theory of applied magnetism: micromagnetics. The magnetic materials and devices used in magnetic recording industry is the main focus. I brought up proper periodic boundary conditions for FDM-FFT Micromagnetics using Landau-Lifshitz equations. With polycrystalline microstructure included, we can explain the soft and hard magnetic properties of thin films and devices in magnetic recording and spintronics applications. Recently we developed Hybrid Monte Carlo Micromagnetics, as a new method to explain the M-H loops and domains at finite temperature.

Awards And Honors

2008, top 10 most beloved professors in Tsinghua University

Academic Achievements

Books and Selected Papers
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