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WEI Jinquan

Associate Professor

School of Materials Science and Engineering

Tel: +86-10-62781065

E-mail: jqwei@tsinghua.edu.cn

Education Background

2004, Ph. D., Tsinghua University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering  

1999, M. S., Tsinghua University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Work Resume

2007-     Tsinghua University, Associate Professor 

2012-2013  University of Exeter, UK, Honorary University Fellow

2010-2011  Rice University, USA, Visiting scholar 

2006-2007  Tsinghua University, Assistant Professor 

2004-2006  Tsinghua University, Postdoctoral Fellow

Part-time Academic Job

Editorial board of Journal of Nanomaterials, ACS Member

Research Field

Fabrication of high quality carbon nanotubes for commercial applications

Third generation thin film solar cells basing on nanotechnology

Water purification using nanomaterials

High performance nanocomposites

Research Situation

National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2007-2009; 2005-2007; 2011-2013; 2012-2015

Major Project for Nanomaterials of Beijing Commission of Science and Technology, 2012-2013

Tsinghua University Initiative Scientific Research Program, 2011-2014

Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, 2009

National High-tech R&D Program of China, 863 Program, 2009-2011

Innovation China UK, 2008-2009

Awards And Honors

New Century Excellent Talents in University (2009)

Beijing Nova (2008)

The Best Doctoral Dissertation Award of P.R. China (2007)

2nd-Class National Natural Science Award of China (2006)

1st Class Natural Science Award of Ministry of Education (2005)

Academic Achievements

1. Wei JQ, Zhang XF, Wang KL, Carbon Nanotube Macrostructure, Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2006 (in Chinese) (book)

2. Bai Xi, Wei JQ, Jia Y, et al. The influence of gas absorption on the efficiency of carbon nanotube/Si solar cells, Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 143105, 2013

3. Wei JQ, Lv RT, Guo N, et al., Preparation of highly oxidized nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes, Nanotechnology, 23(15):155601, 2012

4. Guo N, Wei JQ, Shu QK, Jia Y, Song S, Xu Y, Wang HG, Li PX, Zhu HW, Wang KL, Wu DH, High-efficiency core–shell solar cell array from Si wafer, J. Appl. Phys. A, 2012

5. Bai X, Wang HG, Wei JQ, Jia Y, Zhu HW, Wang KL, Wu DH, Carbon nanotube–silicon hybrid solar cells with hydrogen peroxide doping, Chem. Phys. Lett., 533: 70-73, 2012

6. Zhao Y, Wei JQ, Vajtai R, et al., Iodine doped carbon nanotube cables exceeding specific electrical conductivity of metals. Scientific Reports, 1: 83, 2011

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8. Guo N, Wei JQ, Shu QK, et al., Fabrication of silicon microwire arrays for photovoltaic applications. Appl. Phys. A, 102(1): 109-114, 2011

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18. Wang WX, Wang KL, Lv RT, Wei JQ, et al., Synthesis of Fe-filled thin-walled carbon nanotubes with high filling ratio by using dichlorobenzene as precursor, Carbon 45 (5): 1127, 2007

19. Wei JQ, Zhu HW, Li YH, et al., Ultrathin single-layered membranes from double-walled carbon nanotubes, Adv. Mater. 18 (13): 1695, 2006

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