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Director of Institute for Eco-materials,
Address: School of Materials Science & Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, P. R. China
Tel.+Fax: +86-10-6277-2726
E-mail: duanweng@tsinghua.edu.cn

Primary Teaching Area: Materials Chemistry

Education Background

Ph.D. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) 1995;
M.S. Dalian University of Technlogy, Dalian 1985;
B.S. Dalian University of Technlogy, Dalian 1982

Work Resume

Professor, Tsinghua University 2001.8~now;
Visiting Professor, University of Washington, USA, 2004.9~2004.12;
Visiting Professor, Yale University, USA, 2002.9~2003.5;
Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, 1995.11~2001.8;
Lecturer, Dalian University of Technology, 1985.12~1991.7

Research Field

Rare Earth Catalyst and Application;
Resource Efficiency

Awards And Honors

2016~2020, the member of editor board of the journal of “Progress in Natural Science: Materials International”;
2016~2020, Vice President, Chinese Materials Research Society (C-MRS)

Academic Achievements

Representative Publications
1、Duan Weng*, Jia Li, Xiaodong Wu, Zhichun Si, Modification of CeO2-ZrO2 catalyst by potassium for NOx-assisted soot oxidation, Journal of Environmental Sciences, 23(1), (2011)145-150
2、Ran Rui, Zhang Hongwei, Wu Xiaodong, Fan Jun, Weng Duan, Structure and oxygen storage capacity of Pd/Pr/CeO2–ZrO2 catalyst: effects of impregnated praseodymia, Journal of Rare Earths, 32 (2014) 108-116
3、Shuang Liu*, Xiaodong Wu, Wei Liu, Wenming Chen, Rui Ran, Min Li, Duan Weng, Soot oxidation over CeO2 and Ag/CeO2: Factors determining the catalyst activity and stability during reaction, Journal of Catalysis, 337 (2016) 188-198
4、Baohuai Zhao, Rui Ran*, Xiaodong Wu, Duan Weng*, Phase structures, morphologies, and NO catalytic oxidation activities of single-phase MnO2 catalysts, Applied Catalysis A: General, 514 (2016) 24-34
5、“Ecomaterials” (Chinese), Tsinghua University Press, Beijing, 2001

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