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YANG Zhigang

Phone: +86-10-62795031
Fax: +86-10-62771160
E-mail: zgyang@tsinghua.edu.cn

Education Background

1996, Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing
1993, M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing
1989, B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Social Science, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Work Resume

2004-, Professor, Tsinghua University
1996-2004, Lecturer & Associate Professor, Tsinghua University
2001.7-2001.12, Visiting researcher, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab., USA
1997.7-1999.7, JSPS postdoctor, Ibaraki University, Japan

Part-time Academic Job

Member of the Chinese Society for Metals, Vice Secretary-General of the Academic Committee of Anti-wear Materials

Research Field

Phase transformation in metallic materials
Heat-resistant steels and alloys
High temperature oxidation of bond coating and coating materials
Anti-wear and Anti-corrosion coating
Bainitic steels and advanced steels
Metallic Interconnection in semiconductor

Research Situation

Prof. Yang is leading a research group in the key laboratory of advanced materials of ministry of education. His research interests are phase transformation, high temperature oxidation and surface treatment of metals and alloys. He has published over 160 articles in academic journals, 2 monographs and 2 textbooks. He received several awards, including the Academic Young Scientist Award of Tsinghua University, New Century Excellent Talents in University and The second class award for science progress by Ministry of Education, Dupont Innovation Award.

Awards And Honors

2005, Academic Young Scientist Award, Tsinghua University
2004, New Century Excellent Talents in University, Ministry of Education, China
2002, The second class award for science progress, Ministry of Education, China
2001, Dupont Innovation Award, DuPont Company and ministry of Sci. & Tech., China
1996, The first class award for science progress, National Education Committee of China

Academic Achievements

Representative Publications (2016-2017)
1.Chenchong Wang, Chi Zhang, Zhi-Gang Yang, Effects of Ni on austenite stability and fracture toughness in high Co-Ni secondary hardening steel, Journal of Iron and Steel Research International 2017, 24(2):177-183.
2.Tria Laksana Achmad, Wenxiang Fu, Hao Chen, Chi Zhang, Zhi-Gang Yang, Effects of alloying elements concentrations and temperatures on the stacking fault energies of Co-based alloys by computational thermodynamic approach and first-principles calculations, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 694(2017): 1265-1279
3.Congyu Zhang, Hao Chen, Kangying Zhu, Chi Zhang, Zhi-Gang Yang, Effect of Mo Addition on the Transformation Stasis Phenomenon During the Isothermal Formation of Bainitic Ferrite, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 2016, 47(12): 5670-5674
4.Qiu-han Li, Chi Zhang Hu Chen, Hao Chen, Zhi-Gang Yang, Microstructural Evolution of a Hypoeutectoid Pearlite Steel under Rolling-sliding Contact Loading, Journal of Iron and Steel Research International, 2016, 23(10): 1054-1060.
5.Zhenqiang Wang, Han Zhang, Chunhuan Guo, Zhe Leng, Zhi-Gang Yang, Xinjun Sun, Chunfa Yao, Zhengyan Zhang, Fengchun Jiang, Evolution of (Ti, Mo)C particles in austenite of a Ti-Mo-bearing steel, Materials & Design (109)2016, 361-366
6.W.B. Liu, Y.Z. Ji, P.K. Tan, C. Zhang, C.H. He, Zhi-Gang Yang, Microstructure evolution during helium irradiation and post-irradiation annealing in a nanostructured reduced activation steel,  Journal of Nuclear Materials 479 (2016) 323-330
7.W.B. Liu, N. Wang, Y.Z. Ji, P.C. Song, C. Zhang, Zhi-Gang Yang, L.Q. Chen, Effects of surface energy anisotropy on void evolution during irradiation: A phase-field model, Journal of Nuclear Materials (2016), Journal of Nuclear Materials 479 (2016) 316-322
8.Z.N. Yang, M. Enomoto, C. Zhang, Zhi-Gang Yang, Transition between alloy–element partitioned and non-partitioned growth of austenite from a ferrite and cementite mixture in a high-carbon low-alloy steel, Philosophical Magazine Letters, 96(7), 2016, 256-264
9.Tria Laksana Achmad, Wenxiang Fu, Hao Chen, Chi Zhang, Zhi-Gang Yang, First-principles calculations of generalized-stacking-fault-energy of Co-based alloys, Computational Materials Science 121 (2016) 86–96
10.Congyu Zhang, Zhi-Gang Yang, Masato Enomoto, Hao Chen, Zenan Yang and Chi Zhang, Prediction of Ar3 during Very Slow Cooling in Low Alloy Steels, ISIJ International, Vol. 56 (2016), No. 4, pp. 678–684
11.Aliakbar Ghadi, Mansour Soltanieh, Hassan Saghafian, Zhi-Gang Yang, Investigation of chromium and vanadium carbide composite coatings on CK45 steel by Thermal Reactive Diffusion, Surface & Coatings Technology 289 (2016) 1–10
12.Wang CC, Zhang C, Zhi-Gang Yang, Su J, Weng YQ, Microstructure analysis and yield strength simulation in high Co–Ni secondary hardening steel, Materials Science & Engineering A 669 (2016) 312–317
13.Z. N. Yang, Y. Xia, M. Enomoto, C. Zhang, Zhi-Gang Yang, Effect of Alloying Element Partition in Pearlite on the Growth of Austenite in High-Carbon Low Alloy Steel, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 2016, 47(3): 1019-1027
14.Wenbo Liu, Yanzhou Ji, Pengkang Tan, Hang Zang, Chaohui He, Di Yun, Chi Zhang, Zhi-Gang Yang, Irradiation Induced Microstructure Evolution in Nanostructured Materials: A Review, Materials 9(2016), 105,1-14
15.Pengcheng Song, Yanzhou Ji, Lei Chen, Wenbo Liu, Chi Zhang, Long-Qing Chen, Zhigang Yang, Phase-field simulation of austenite growth behavior: Insights into the austenite memory phenomenon, Computational Materials Science 117 (2016) 139–150
16.Zenan Yang, Wei Xu, Zhi-Gang Yang, Chi Zhang, Sybrand van der Zwaag, 2D analysis of the competition between the equiaxed ferritic and the bainitic morphology based on a Gibbs Energy Balance approach, Acta Materialia, 105(2016)317-327.
17.H Chen, Zhi-Gang Yang, C Zhang, KY Zhu, S van der Zwaag, On the transition between grain boundary ferrite and bainitic ferrite in Fe-C-Mo and Fe-C-Mn alloys: the bay formation explained, Acta Materialia, 104(2016)62-71.
18.H. Chen, C. Zhang, W. Liu, Q. Li, H. Chen, Zhi-Gang Yang, Y. Weng, Microstructure evolution of a hypereutectoid pearlite steel under rolling-sliding contact loading, Materials Science and Engineering A, 655(2016) 50-59.


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