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Test & Preparation public platform of State Key Laboratory

    The Test & Preparation public platform of State Key Laboratory, which belongs to state key laboratory of new ceramics and fine processing, was launched in 1991 with the loans of the World Bank's key discipline development project. In recent years, with the support of the special funds provided by the State Key Laboratory platform construction, equipment for material preparation, analysis and testing have been improved gradually. Up to now, there are ceramic sintering preparation platform, microstructure processing and characterization platform, microstructure analysis platform, electrical performance test platform, spectral test platform and ceramic mechanics test platform. According to the principle of "openness, mobility, union and competition" of the state key laboratory, the main instruments of the public platform open to domestic and foreign, providing a large number of open services for scientific research, teaching and analytical testing. In addition to the world's top analytical instruments and new ceramic preparation equipment, the public platform has self-developed a large number of unique and important equipment, some of which fill gaps of relative fields in the world and play an important role in scientific research and open services. 

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