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Virtual simulation

In order to carry out virtual simulation experiment teaching of material preparation, analysis and processing under high-risk, high-consumption and extreme conditions in undergraduate teaching, based on the “National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Advanced Materials”, Tsinghua University integrated the resources of the following institutions : Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology Experimental Teaching Center, Environmental Science and Engineering Experimental Practice Teaching Center, National Key Laboratory of New Ceramics and Fine Process Room, Environmental Pollution and Model United Nations Key Laboratory, Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials Ministry of Education, Key Laboratory of Advanced Forming and Manufacturing Ministry of Education, and established "Material Science and Engineering Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center" .

The center has developed four platforms: “Material Processing and Forming Virtual Simulation Platform”, “Nuclear Material and Application Virtual Simulation Platform”, “Visual Simulation Platform for Material Micro Process Evolution”, and “Long-term Service and Failure Virtual Simulation Platform”. More than 100 virtual simulation experiment teaching projects, including 40 professional courses and experimental courses, were carried out virtual simulation experiment teaching under extreme conditions and the center has become an open and innovative virtual simulation experiment teaching center.


The central structure is as follows:




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