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The National Center for Electron Microscopy in Beijing

The National Center for Electron Microscopy in Beijing was founded in 2006, with funds from The Ministry of Science and Technology of China, The Ministry of Education of China and the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission.The center provides an open, innovational and high-level national scientific research infrastructure.


Within the center there are six transmission electron microscopes (including two aberrationcorrected TEMs), three scanning electron microscopes, a focused ion beam system, and a full set of sample preparation facilities. The guiding principle of the center, based on the goal of supporting high-level scientific research, is to offer high-quality technical service and to promote the sharing of resources, equipment, and knowledge in the field of electron microscopy.

In modern society, the study of the fine structure of materials is more than just a scientificcuriosity, because the fine structures of materials largely determinetheir properties. Accordingly the center is devoted to the development and application of advanced electron microscopy techniques to study the structure and properties of materials at high-spatial resolution, building on its achievement of initiating sub-Angstrom scale microscopy in China.

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